Christopher Salis

Christopher Salis

A Little About Me.

Christopher Salis also know as Chris Salis is a renowned name in the field of the tech industry. He has spent over a decade in providing technology solutions to businesses worldwide, and still prospering ahead to set up benchmarks through his effective leadership and management skills. Christopher resides in San Mateo, California with his family. Outside of his professional interests, he's interested in advising others on how exactly to navigate the overwhelming and sometimes downright confusing minefields of life insurance, wills, and other legal processes they need to secure their kids' futures.

Christopher Salis (Chris Salis) provides high-level support to his clients to transform their businesses digitally from the ground up. When it comes to supporting SAP, he takes a mix-and-match approach that maximizes return on investment

With Christopher Salis (Chris Salis) on your side, you don’t have to worry about the complexity of managing a modern enterprise. He will provide you with a unique insight into how SAP can be used effectively by startups and small companies. His solutions will help you gain a competitive advantage and improve your customer relations.

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